The beginning

So how did this start? I already considered myself quite aware and was buying organic products when possible, using cloth nappies for my second child and so on.  Then I was listening to a few swedish radio shows about crafting and ecology, and I realised that I was often missing the first step in ecological thinking – even if you buy ecological/organic, it is even better not to buy at all!

I have always been sewing and fixing things but usually I would take into account the economical (do I save or gain something from it?) and time aspects – if it took too much time, then it was not worth it. Now I have decided to put the ecological aspect in the first place.

We live in an apartment that was inherited by my partner’s parents, so we definately have lots of things to reuse, recycle, upcycle, revamp, you name it. So, here are my vows for the time being (they will probably be improved later on)

1. Do not buy anything unless necessary

  • mend broken objects
  • DIY with material I already have

2. If I need to buy something, choose recycled, ecological, and local products (in that order)

3. When I need to get rid of something, first try to find them a new home (sell, give away), and if that is not possible then do my best to recycle as much as possible.


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