What to do with a really ugly t-shirt

My partner had an extremely ugly t-shirt that he bought during his first visits to Sweden (obviously before we met!), and it has been lying around the house without being used for many many years util I finally came up with an idea of how to reuse it – as a pajamas for my daughter! She loves it, and often talks about how it was daddys t-shirt and really BIG, and now it is her pajamas. I used a pattern for a children’s t-shirt, but you could just trace a t-shirt that fits.

The idea is to reuse the hem, so you should cut the pieces aligning them to the hem. The size of the t-shirt will decide how long the sleeves and pajamas will be – my sleeves ended up 3/4 which works fine. I will just put up the pictures here:

How to cut the pieces:

and here’s the result:


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