Colorful clothes using fabric scraps

Here is a post with some inspiration to show that fabric scraps can be used for making really beautiful and colorful clothes. I have not tried to do anything like this because it requires some more time and planning, but I really love these clothes.

The first picture is from a swedish book “Sy till barnen” by Elsebeth Gynter which is out of print, but there should be a new version out in danish called “Børnetøj du selv kan sy 0-4 år”. It was written in the seventies and while the patterns are not that great, it has so much inspiration for using quilting and patchwork techniques as you can see on the picture below.

A more recent swedish book, Baby cool is more aimed at reuse of old clothes in a very colorful way.

A fantastic blogger, Kokalal, makes great children’s clothing, and although she uses new material a few of her creations can be inspiring for digging in to the pile of scraps.

Another blogger (sorry, all swedish), Naima’s design, buys second hand fabric and makes incredible creations mixing and matching with lots of colors and patterns.

Last but not least, using fabric scraps does not have to be limited to children’s clothes, here is a beautiful example from another swedish book “Kläder” that is also out of print. I just realised that there is an english version of this book called “Klader, creating fantastic clothes”, by Nina Ericson. I really love this book although it is a bit 80’s so if you can get your hands on a copy I really recommend it!


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