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A heart for the school start

October 6, 2010

Since my little girl started “scuola materna” which I suppose is similar to kindergarten (3-5 years) this year, I was inspired by Maya Made to make a reminder of home. So, inspired by another blog, I don’t remember which, I decided to make a heart out of an old wool sweater. Since I have been thinking about sewing by hand for a while, I took the opportunity to sew and embellish the whole thing by (free)hand. The pocket contains one drawing of the whole family made by me, and one drawing made by her little brother. The colors of the heart are a bit murky, but that’s what I had in my drawers…My daughter chose the color of the embroidery (hence the different colors of the heart in the center). I’m not sure how much the heart has helped my daughter during the first weeks, but it felt good to make something special for her.