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Mending jeans

February 19, 2010

Luckily, before slaughtering my second pair of jeans, I found this great tutorial on how to mend jeans, and since the hole was not that big after all, I was able to mend the jeans so that they will live a little bit longer. My only concern is that since I used iron-on fusing, it will be more difficult to reuse the fabric once the jeans are beyond saving. Anyway, here is how I did it (check out the tutorial for a better description!)

This is the hole, fortunately not too big:

And here are the materials needed: iron-on fusing and some fabric.

As it said in the tutorial, I did my ironing with care and then I ironed on the fusing. I decided to “mend” the other leg as well, hoping to avoid any creation of holes in the near future.

Then I did my basting – this is really necessary since it is quite messy when you get to the sewing machine.

Now to the hardest part: stitching around the whole patch. Be sure to start in the most difficult part, which in my case would be the part closest to the knee. Be sure to insert the jeans from the waist, otherwise you will be in trouble. Stop often, with the needle down, and check so that you are not sewing more layers than you should.

Then comes the fun part – sewing with a zigzag over the hole. I also chose to enfore an area that was getting worn-out. I found it best to use a quite narrow zigzag.

And here you see the whole area. The seam around the patch is quite visible, but I hope that you will not notice much when wearing the jeans.