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Jeans recycling #1

February 3, 2010

Two of my favourite jeans have big holes on their knees, so I will try to recycle them the best I can. First out is a small container that I use as a trash can for trimmings etc when I sew. I already had a smaller one which has been moved to my partner’s working area so that he can use it for throwing away receipts etc that he otherwise usually tend to keep on his desk…

These containers can be made of any fabric that is fairly sturdy. I used jeans both inside and out because I was too lazy to make it in another fabric, but of course I broke a needle when sewing through all the layers of jeans.

1. Cut off the hem of the jeans, and make another cut below the knee so that you will have two cylinders of the desired height (consider that it will be folded when calculating the height).

2. Cut two circles in the same or another fabric. The diameter of the circle should be two times the width of the leg divided by pi (or 3 to make things simpler). Add a couple of cm of allowance to this, if you cut it too large you can always trim off some of the allowance afterwards.

3. Sew the circles onto the bottom end of each of the legs.

3. Now you have two containers, leave one as it is and turn the other one inside-out and put it inside the first one.

4. Sew them together, but leave a hole, about 5 cm.

5. Now pull out everything through the hole that you left until you have a container with the right side out.

6. Make a stitching around the top of the container in order to close the hole, fold down the upper part and you are done!

8. Now use your imagination on how to make these containers more interesting, e.g. by embellishing them with needlework, applications etc. or using other fabrics. In the container I made, I added a small piece of fabric when sewing in step 4. I have seen some really nice containers on the web, e.g. by MayaMade and Little Miss Fix It.