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A heart for the school start

October 6, 2010

Since my little girl started “scuola materna” which I suppose is similar to kindergarten (3-5 years) this year, I was inspired by Maya Made to make a reminder of home. So, inspired by another blog, I don’t remember which, I decided to make a heart out of an old wool sweater. Since I have been thinking about sewing by hand for a while, I took the opportunity to sew and embellish the whole thing by (free)hand. The pocket contains one drawing of the whole family made by me, and one drawing made by her little brother. The colors of the heart are a bit murky, but that’s what I had in my drawers…My daughter chose the color of the embroidery (hence the different colors of the heart in the center). I’m not sure how much the heart has helped my daughter during the first weeks, but it felt good to make something special for her.


Was: rug, became: chair

May 18, 2010

I have loads of fabric strips that I made while making my first, and so far my last, quilt, and I was trying to find a suitable use for the least pretty ones when I stumbled on this tutorial on making a braided rag rug. So I tore the strips I had in half (they were 5 cm wide) and started braiding.

Then I started thinking that I didn’t really need a rug, and instead I decided to use the braid for replacing the straw in an old children’s chair. I am planning on writing a howto on this, but in the meantime here’s the before:

…and after:

I can tell you that there was a LOT of braiding involved, and the braids are not as sturdy as the straw, but it worked out quite well anyway.

Re-purposing wire hangers

April 21, 2010

I have had this post lying around for a while, but today I read a related post by Maya Made and decided that I should publish it.

Basically, I needed some small hangers for my children’s clothes and got this great idea to reuse some wire hangers that I had instead of bying new ones. I simply bent the ends of the hanger as shown in the pictures, using my bare hands, but probably the result would be nicer if using¬† a plier.

Here’s a before and after shot:

Just bend the ends with your bare hands:

And here’s the hanger in action! I took the opportunity to show off a beautiful dress that I bought from Florin. The vintage fabric is very special to me since I had it on the wall in my room as a baby.

The beginning

January 13, 2010

So how did this start? I already considered myself quite aware and was buying organic products when possible, using cloth nappies for my second child and so on.  Then I was listening to a few swedish radio shows about crafting and ecology, and I realised that I was often missing the first step in ecological thinking Рeven if you buy ecological/organic, it is even better not to buy at all!

I have always been sewing and fixing things but usually I would take into account the economical (do I save or gain something from it?) and time aspects – if it took too much time, then it was not worth it. Now I have decided to put the ecological aspect in the first place.

We live in an apartment that was inherited by my partner’s parents, so we definately have lots of things to reuse, recycle, upcycle, revamp, you name it. So, here are my vows for the time being (they will probably be improved later on)

1. Do not buy anything unless necessary

  • mend broken objects
  • DIY with material I already have

2. If I need to buy something, choose recycled, ecological, and local products (in that order)

3. When I need to get rid of something, first try to find them a new home (sell, give away), and if that is not possible then do my best to recycle as much as possible.

Oh no, not another blog!

January 12, 2010

I had promised myself never to start a blog, and here I am… The reason is that I have been thinking a lot about how to become more eco-friendly e.g. by using my crafting knowledge. Instead of keeping a journal on my computer, I decided to use a blog so that I have something to refer to when communicating with other people.

I will be writing about ecological aspects of my everyday life, wich currently mostly rotates around my two children, 2,5 years and 8 months old. This leaves little time for blogging, so I expect to update the blog around once a week.